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Managment information

Ms. Maryam Mehdizadeh

field of activity

Advanced Equipment and Machinery Industry Information Technology and Communications Petrochemical and Oil


Machine Sazi Arak Co. (MSA) was founded in 1967 in an area of ​​134 hectares in Arak city

MSA has the ability to carry out major national and international projects and produces 52 different types of products in the following business areas:

·         Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Industries

·         Mineral and Steel Industries

·         Heating Facilities and Boilers

·         Alloy Casting and Forging

·         Renewable Power Plants and Energies

·         Bridge, Steel Structures and Port Facilities


Services and Products

The company’s main activities and products are:

General contracting and EPC projects, engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of various storage tanks, mobile and fixed pressure vessels, distillation towers, heat exchangers, air coolers, spherical tanks, indirect heat exchangers, gas stations, mobile oil treating units, valves and wellhead equipment, drilling rigs, various process pumps for the oil and gas industry, cranes and hydro-mechanical equipment for dams, water tubes, fire tube and cycles combination steam boilers, bridges and heavy steel structures, all types of alloy steels, pressure flanges, industrial rings, , axle and railways tires, steel balls, heavy machining, industrial furnaces, machineries and plant equipment, wind power plants, incinerators and ship unloader equipment.


All products of MSA co. touch necessary standards

you can check them in our website .

website have 5 languets

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IsDynamic Software Company Intro

IsDynamic Company found as customize software Production Company at 2009 June .This company has been a successful software production company in Iran. It has gained a very good reputation, well-known brand, happy customers, many award and prize. The company succeeds to win excellence ASPA (Asian Science Parks Association) award as one of four High-Tech Company at 2016. IsDynamic succeed to achieve top rated knowledge base from Vice Presidential Science Technology of Iran for its Software Product Line (SPL).

The company has undertaken major projects in various industries such as oil and gas, steel, ceramic tile, as well as for various organizations such as Provincial Government, environment, water and wastewater. These projects focus on the development and development of large-scale enterprise software and in the field of IT consulting and enterprise architecture.

Regarding to company business development strategy, it targeted to enter Software International market around the world and we are looking for opportunity through cooperation with best International companies like yours.

We have three main competencies:

  1. Professional  team (25 senior developers  and 10 Juniors)
  2. A mature Software products Line (SPL)
  3.  Very competitive prices (Low cost/ High Quality)
Services and products

Service and Products

  • Specialized Enterprise Software Applications
  • Develop Software Solution base on best practices business processes
  • Local & International  Projects

Enterprise Architecture and IT Consulting Services

ITSM:IT Asset Management

  1. Industry: Water & Waste Water
  2. Description: ITSM is a web application software to detect and inspect all electronic devices in domains and active directory of organizations and also planning to inspect all devices. It has developed by ITIL standard.

NPD: New Product Development

  1. Industry: Ceramic and Tile
  2. Description:NPD is a software web base solution for planning, Executing and monitoring all New products from first age to go to market time

RAS: Refinery Accountant Solution

  1. Industry: Oil and Gas (Refinery filed)
  2. Description:RAS is a complicated accounting solution for calculating according to API functions in oil and gas. it contains very complicated algorithm and  it is so critical in refineries

RSS: Refinery Sale Solution

  1. Industry: Oil and Gas (Refinery filed)
  2. Description:RSS is a sale management solution that specialty has been developed for refineries and it support all governmental and non governmental rules in sale refineries is smart in some industrial process like weighting

MRS: Market Research Solution

  1. Industry: Ceramic and Tile
  2. Description:support all market research processes from planning to gathering and completing questionnaire and finally analyzing and take corrective and development actions

HRS: Human Resource Solution

  1. Industry: Ceramic and Tile
  2. Description:training and development process and employee evaluation process base on 360 degree model for first time in Iran

IndAuto: Analyzing the result of inspection with thermography camera’s

  1. Industry: Steel and Petrochemicals
  2. Description:IndAuto is the first software in world can integrate all type of thermography camera’s pictures in one studio .plus of this It contains an advanced module for inspection planning and reporting and monitoring

Parsgamon: Backgammon online game

  1. Industry: Individual gamer
  2. Description:Parsgamon is a online backgammon game with 1 vs 1 players and also online tournament up to 128 player in a tournament. It is a real time project on web and mobile.

E-Commerce Services

A Cross Border Digital Marketplace for Developing Countries.The products of Persian-languages countries, most of which are developing countries and some of them third world countries, have a small share in online sales outside the mentioned countries and, of course, a small share inside their local country. The strategy of supporting domestic production is a grand strategy that these countries have adopted as a strategic plan. The products of these countries, in other words, the information of goods and products of Persian- languages countries are not indexed and indexed in search engines, and these goods have a very small share in the Internet and the location of large markets such as Alibaba, eBay, Amazon, etc. However, the mentioned infrastructures play a vital role in developing the trade balance of their countries in relation to other countries.

The first full integrated and automated Direct Marketing/ Direct Mail. Postal Service in Asia. It is the best services for advertisement to direct target audiences



Company description: Manufacturer of ozone generators and drum filters and micro-strainers for disinfection and purification of water, sewage and air, decolorization and recycling of wastewater.

Services and products

Production of permanent industrial ozone generators, filter drums and micro-strainers.


Raei Machinery

Raei machinery has started its activity in the field textile machinery since 1992.
Our sectional warping machine with the main feature of round drum and using servo motor and servo drive attracted visitors attention in exhibition 2005. And now Raei machinery is the only producer that is able to produce machines to warp yarn of pure weight up to 1500 kg.

Services and products

Production of textile machinery.


Ghaleb Sanatgar Zanjan

Zanjan Sanatgar Mold Company since the beginning of its business in the field of production of various types of press and pressure filters, has always sought to improve the quality level and develop the product market, and to complete the product portfolio and respond to market needs in the field of standard mold parts. Registration of several inventions such as automatic and electric industrial brushes for cleaning the anode and cathode plates – the car has a ligament for moving large and heavy filter plates – Foley has a golden leaf speed reduction in its record.

Services and products

1- Types of pressure filters and presses

2- Hydraulic jacks in small dimensions of 20 tons

3- Standard mold parts

4- Electric brushes for cleaning anode and cathode plates

5- Electric vehicle (ligament) Moving large filter plates

6- Reducing pulley Speed


SCD Company

SCD Company is a member of Ebda Group of Companies. This group was founded in 1981.
As one of the most established equipment supply and sales organizations in Iran, the group has over the years developed extensive expertise in a variety of specialized fields.

These include a comprehensive range of Security and traffic control equipment, Agriculture, Industrial tools, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Medical equipment, and other specialized industrial and commercial Electro Mechanical solution-based systems.

Services and products

– Production of security equipment and traffic control

– Production of traffic management software based on image processing

– Construction of equipment related to the disposal and recycling of municipal waste called compost and pyrolysis

– Production of organic fertilizers called compost for agricultural, garden and ornamental plants

– Production of agricultural implements and agricultural sprayers


Almas Pakan Tak Vista

Almas Pakan Tak Vista company was founded in 2018 and has been working in the field of municipal solid waste. The main goal of this company is to help environmental causes by reducing the volume and weight of MSW. This companies service contains engineering design, technical support, maintenance, consulting, and monitoring.

Services and products

Wet waste-to-soil conversion device and waste-derived fuel